School Council

School Council generally meets on the 3rd Tuesday and the 9th Tuesday each Term. Elections are held at the beginning of each school year and must be completed by 31st March.


Meeting Dates for 2021 are:

Term 1 - 16th Feb, 23rd March (AGM)

Term 2 - 11th May, 15th June

Term 3 - 27th July, 14th September

Term 4 - 19th October, 30th November

These are open to change



Current School Councillors are:

Geoff Akers (President)
Kelly McPherson (V. President)
David Brodie (DET / Executive Officer)
Karen Armstrong (DET)
Liss Lothian (DET)
Garth Hill
Paul Tucker
Steven Kemp

Shareena Pearce
Louise McKinnon               



Minute Secretary: Karen Armstrong (Business Manager)


Standing Orders - Tallygaroopna PS