Smart Spelling

SMART Spelling is an approach that shows primary school teachers how to teach spelling well.  There is a clear Foundation – 6 scope and sequence that is well established in many schools.  Teachers start by teaching the meaning of words to expand vocabulary and then break words into syllables, sounds and letter patterns (graphs, digraphs and trigraphs) following a simple routine that is in the SMART Spelling course.


Teachers need the to do the course (either face to face or video) and have a copy of the SMART Spelling manual to implement this approach successfully.


In a SMART Spelling classroom, students are explicitly taught spelling patterns, one at a time.  Teachers choose a range of words (from simple to complex) from a suggested list in the manual.  Students are then guided to choose from that list, to meet different needs.  Personal words are also a focus in SMART Spelling.  Teachers use their strong professional knowledge they gain in the course to give meaningful feedback to students about their spelling in writing, teaching at the point of need.  


Schools love SMART Spelling because it’s systematic. Teachers love it because it just makes sense!




Parent Information Session - Tallygaroopna PS

Parent Information Session - Vimeo