BYOD Program - Grade 5/6

In 2019, Tallygaroopna Primary School introduced a BYO iPad program for its 5/6 students. As a school, we have determined that iPads are an effective learning tool that will facilitate our students’ development of 21st century learning skills. Integrating iPads more readily, especially into the senior classroom, represents an exciting time for our school and students. Teachers are dedicated to ensuring that iPads are used as a tool to support and engage students in a safe and positive learning environment.

I Pad Policy & Acceptable Use Agreement - 2024

App List - 6.0 - as of February 2024


App List - 5.0 - as of January 2022


App List - 4.0 - as of 4/1/21


App List - 3.0 - as of 16/7/19


App List - 2.0

I Pad Information

I Pad Information Night Presentation - VIMEO (NEW AS OF 12/11/2021)

I Pad Information Night Presentation - VIMEO