Jannah Tucker

Name – Jannah Tucker


Year Started as Teacher at Tally PS – 2018 as a CRT then 2019 as Music Teacher


Role at Tally PS – Music Teacher


Best thing about Tally PS – The friendly and enthusiastic students together with their wonderful families. The staff are really supportive and are such a great team of people to work with.

Most challenging time at Tally PS - Not having enough time to teach all the things I would like to!


Hobbies / Areas of Interest – My family (including my wonderful husband and three gorgeous children), music, going to church, visiting my family at the farm and spending time with my friends.

Discovering new and cooking/baking healthy recipes; reading; exercise, including going for walks (now bringing my dog, Buddy along with me!), Zumba and HIIT classes; live music and travelling the world.