Community Plan

The Tallygaroopna Community Plan identifies our community vision for our future and the priority projects and actions we have identified that will help us to achieve our vision. The Community Plan will be a guide for future activities and will be used to seek support and funding from relevant organisations for specific projects. A dedicated project team was established to develop this Plan in February 2012. The team included local residents, officers from Greater Shepparton City Council and consultants. The community was engaged throughout the process to ensure this Plan is reflective of their needs.


Achievement of the priorities identified in the plan will need continued community support and the development of a strong partnership with Greater Shepparton City Council and other relevant organisations, to make implementation of the Plan a reality. This means that the development of this Plan is not the end of this process, but the start! The issues and ideas identified in our plan should be viewed as a ‘snap shot in time’. New emerging issues and changing community needs will mean this Plan will need to be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it remains relevant.


Tallygaroopna Community Plan 2013 - 2018


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